The Medway Festival of Steam & Transport, 2013

Huzzah!  We survived our first foray into the world beyond our haunted underground vault, and many would even say that we excelled in this effort.  Through the cold and driving wind, we performed our dazzling set of smelling-salts-inducing Morris dances and how-do-they-not-have-their-own-record-yet tunes, at the Medway Festival of Steam & Transport at the Historic Chatham Dockyards, on March 31st and April 1st, 2013.  While it may have been our very first outing, it was also by far our best, and we can honestly say that we've never danced better or sounded more in tune in public.  So if you were there to watch us live: congratulations!  You witnessed our best performance yet!

Individual photos of Steampunk Morris will be found under each members' profiles on the "About Us" page, and we will continue to add on photos and video to this page as they come in.

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 credit for this photo goes to Paul, 07876-593575

Video of Fan & Tankard:

Credit for the following photos goes to Cameron A. Straughan, Georgette Taylor, and various members of the local community who have emailed in their snaps.